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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentine Verses

Easily Pleased 

What do I want for Valentine ?
Not chocolates, gems or dresses, 
Just love, you and sweet caresses, 
Forever us knowing love divine.  

What do I want for next year?  
Not holidays, fancy meals or promotions, 
Just love, you and your devotions, 
Forever us knowing love is premier. 

What do I want for life?
Not fast cars, houses or high fashion, 
Just love, you and loads and loads of passion, 
Forever us being a loving husband and wife! 

The Gift 

You hold the Key to my secret, my gift, 
You unlock the gate to my love, 
Where eternal love springs forth 
New and surprising delights for you to adore, 
Each time you turn the key 
Warm emotions radiate, create 
Love of the unknown, 
Everyday new gems 

You hold the key to our secret, our gift, 
Nurture and cultivate it for evermore, 
Like every natural organic 
It will flourish and grow, 
Each time you turn the key 
Our love will regenerate, create even more, 
Emotions will reach fresh heights, intensify,
 Mature !

We must keep our key safe, complete ,
So our love remains fresh, sweet, 
Our love will forever surprise us, 
This,our secret, our gift 
How our two soul are destined to live ,
Spring will be constant in our hearts, 
Always new ground to uncover, 
New gifts to be found,

Love is Our gift  

Moonbeams and Dreams 

Picture by Laurent Laveder

I would captured the moon for you 
If I knew your love was true 
I would stop the ocean tides 
If your love for me was bona fide
I would capture the stars that shine
If  you would love me, be only mine
 I would make heaven our home
If you would love me and me alone
Angels on harps would play
If you promised not to stray
We'd feast on the foods of gods
If you would love me, give me the nod
You will always be my faithful queen
In the land of my silly valentine dreams !

Vintage Valentin

I love you ,Oh so very much !
My body tingles with every touch,
When you look at me in that way, 
Time stops, ceases to exist at least for a day,
When you hold me so near in your arms, 
No man or beast would dare do me harm 
As we lie close, caressing one another, 
No goddess in heaven could want another lover,
Yet this is our heaven night after night, 
Our years together and it still feel so right! 
Our love is alive, it's still so much fun,
Never to be relinquished 
Not even for the moon, stars or sun,
My deepest wish is to remain with you, in this bed, 
Till we're very, very old or preferably dead!  
So when we finally reach those famous pearly gates 
You and I can start on over, right from our first date ! 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing in the Bliss Habits Speaking of Love party!

  2. love is enough...smiles...everything else is just trimming...thanks for checking in on me today...hope you are well...

  3. hope this goes through your very talented and would love not to be so shy and to be able to put my stuff up online but i will soon , ive only read two poems and loved them the gift has been my favourite so far :) looking forward to reading through the lot of them , dont give up on your dreams anyway like i said to an old girlfriend who gave up on her singing anyway very very impressed :)


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