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Monday, 9 September 2013

Demons of the mind

Demons of the mind 


Sitting  face to face are the demons of my mind 
Cheeky little chappies, with an agenda of some kind, 
Plotting  lots of jokes and silly things I shouldn't say 
Making sure there is at least one faux pas, 
that passes my lips nearly every other day 
So when I splurt  the wrong thing  uncontrollably from my lips 
My mental sieve has failed again,,,,,,, OOps I let it slip !
Cos sitting face to face are the demons of my mind.

Submitted to Imaginary garden with real toads Check it out !!!!!


  1. I always, always admire rhyme - something I struggle with. Surely, these are cheeky little demons - not causing too much trouble - they do look cute.

  2. nice write... something everyone deals with certainly...

  3. I think this is an excellent interpretation of the inkblot.. those pesky demons of the mind!!

  4. Love the phrase "cheeky little demons!" I think I have similar ones in my mind too! Thanks for participating in the challenge!

  5. Wonderful interpretation. the rhythm addresses them!

  6. These truly look like demons of the mind.

  7. what crispy and rhyming words,
    the beauty in your logic makes it sound.

  8. letting go, and seek new ground breaking chance is a way to self esteem and your words are thought provoking.


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