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Tuesday, 28 August 2012



There was a germ in my head, 
As I drifted to sleep, snuggled in my bed, 
A seed of an idea! 
Just a morsel, a thought, a nibble to inspire, 
Rhymes of times gone past 
A masterpiece that would last, 
In the minds of some, 
Something remembered for years to come, 
Contented sleep replaced my aspirations, 
A worm had infested and zapped my imagination, 
The seed consumed, macerated, banished 
Ideas empty, mental thoughts lacking, vanished !
The paper stays dead !
All thoughts locked somewhere in my head, 
Deep, Deep down that seed is somewhere,
 It's survived !
Till then I stare at this blank space until I can rediscover it, 
Bring this blank dead paper some substance 
Bring it alive ! 

Moss Steet Art by Anna Garforth

More Art By Anna Garforth

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