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Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Letter To Me

A Letter To Me 

Innocent in it's creaminess lying there 
Packaged tightly in it's little square 
Neatly scribed in the darkest ink 
What could it say? it made me think!
All those I knew used electronic means, 
To get in touch, or so it seemed, 
Everything they used made some noise 
Phones buzzing or shrilling, impossible to avoid! 
But this novel missive sent to me, 
Posed something of a mystery  
Gingerly I fingered the little square, 
Still wondering stupidly, what's in there?
I tore the triangular seal apart 
Felt the quickening of my heart,
Words blurry on a creamy, milky sheet, 
Slowly formed till they were clear and neat, 
I slowly read what was on that page 
Words that will stay with me for an age, 
Words that are meant just for me 
So my letter will remain my mystery, 

 Submitted to ; Poetry Jam where the prompt was Letters


  1. A secret letter, I like that! Sounds like the beginning of a novel maybe. I especially liked the image of 'words blurry on a creamy, milky sheet' thanks for sharing.

  2. the photo is lovely with the old red seal. "words meant just for me"... :)

  3. I enjoyed this, Kez. You worked some suspense into this poem. I wanted to see 'what's in there.' Wonderful to have words that are meant just for you, isn't it? And presented to you in such a nice way!

  4. haha a little mystery is a good thing...esp in romance you how you set that suspense and def leave us wanting more...smiles...

  5. A mystery letter ... what a clever response to the prompt! I loved it.

  6. Tantalizing--thought you would reveal what was in the secret letter! Very clever. It flows well too.


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