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Monday, 3 September 2012


Summer Night 1913 Albert Bloch

Memories slowly form, 
 Nostalgia creeps in like a dusky dawn 
Times long past 
Moments that are deemed to last, 
Of people and places,
Lovers faces, 
 Rivals spats, 
Segments of drunken chats, 
All brought to the fore 
A peek inside that memory door, 
That makes you and me 
What you see, 
It's the good and bad
The laughs, the sad, 
That moulds and controls
 What you see 
My memories make me ! 

Submitted to Magpie Tales  check out others interpretation of this fabulous painting  


  1. Memories do make us, don't they? Nice, light, and airy poem. I quite enjoyed it. :-)

  2. well i got a few college flashbacks in this...ha...those are the moments...all our memories are what make us surely....

  3. Lasting memories, good or bad, certainly form us.

  4. .. a peek inside the memory door. I like that!! (I've stored tons in mine)

  5. So true and beautifully written.

  6. memories are good....well done and thanks for this

  7. Memories are what soften the days of our does your poem!

  8. Our thoughts are made of memories...well done...

  9. Very true and beautifully spoken! :-)


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