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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time 

If I step back in time 
Way way back before my prime 
When the world was all mine 
Tiny, insular and undefined, 
My wild, unbridled imagination 
Turned even the norm into wonder and fascination, 
Autumnal stripped trees who were once wooded glades 
Suddenly turned to a landscape where aliens had to invade,
Those knotted roots that tripped and trapped, 
Made especially so them critters could watch how we'd adapt, 
Candy striped deck chairs upturned onto a lawn, 
Became my secret hideaway into many a dawn, 
Cars with bright lights, whizzing past, 
Were huge monster guzzling the landscape after a fast, 
Those tiny sparkling stars in the sky
Were angels watching me with their beady eyes, 
Gloomy graveyards with the resting dead 
Were definitely  places were all vampires fed, 
And those churches that loomed into the sky 
Were their dens where they practise to fly, 
My imagination is now in decline
I'm now way way past that sweet childhood time 
My world is here, now! and totally defined, 
Oh if we could just turn back time !

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  1. ah our fantasy did take us everywhere and made the normal extraordinary...i just refuse to give this up ya know...smiles...

  2. smiles....children have the most amazing imaginations...i do hope that i never lose was so much fun back then...

  3. Some memories are so happy we hope to always cherish them, don't we. Loved how the deck chairs became your secret hiding places...:)

  4. Being a child again is what we so often have to do to regain creativity

  5. wait a minute? there really is such a thing as vampires?!?

    events cocatenated

  6. Our world as adults is totally defined... How sad is that! Great realization.

  7. I thought your poem was absolutely wonderful. It was nice, to be transported back. To a time, when you had no worries in life: and everything was just play, adventure: and fantasy. As far, as the imagination could take us. Beautifully written: and engaging.


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