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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ice Cream Days

Ice Cream Days 

It's an ice cream day 
Yummy, Yummy 
Hip! hip! hooray!
Blue skies and sun rays ,
Yummy, Yummy
It's an ice cream day !

The sun is shining and the sky is blue, 
Not a lot one can do, 
But lick and indulge in creamy coldness,
Pistachio, Chocolate or flavours with boldness. 
Eat it quick before it drips, 
Feel it oozing between your lips, 
Feel the iciness slide all the way down, 
It will keep you smiling and banish all frowns !

Enjoy an ice cream day 
Yummy, Yummy,
Hip! Hip! Hooray !
Be a kid for your ice cream day, 
Soak up the sun and skies of blue 
You know it's what you want to do !

Yummy, Yummy,
Hip! Hip! Hooray !
We've waited so long for our 
Ice Cream day !

Street art by Banksy, Image credits: matski_98 via boredpanda


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