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Friday, 6 July 2012

My Mountain

My Mountain 

He's always been like a mountain to me, 
Always there tall and strong, 
Forgiving me no matter what went wrong 
In his shadow was my haven, 
Even when naughty and misbehavin, 
In his arms he kept me 
Safe and sheltered from worldly harm. 

He's always been a mountain to me 
Allowed me to be me, be free, 
He's heard the moans of my strife
All through his life ,
I'm still in awe 
Though he knows me no more, 
Loving him is a joy not a chore 
The man mountain that is constant in my mind 
Remains with me still, 
Though now its harder to climb 
He'll always be my mountain, 

Submitted to Bluebell Book Short Story Slam where the picture was the prompt 


  1. Dear Average Lady,

    I loved the introduction of your blog and particularly this "Poetry is medication for the soul"..Word have been made to create beauty and communications, so let´s communicate.
    I read My mountain and for a while I felt a bit jelous of that missing feeling that I never had regarding a good strong dad, anyway I feel happy for those people who had have or will have a good father.
    Nice to meet you.
    A new follower, Eva.


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