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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Transplant Week

Running Out Of Time 

Tick, tock, tick, tock, 
Time is running out 
Its a race against the clock 
Tick, tock, tick, tock, 
Blood is been filtered, 
Dialysis still leaves me feeling crock, 
Tick...... tock 
Tick, tock, tick, tock,
Lungs scream for air, 
Scarred, ruined, unable to repair. 
Tick......... tock 
Tick,  tock, tick tock,
Heart is slowly beating, 
Until its final stop, 
Tick.............. ........Tock 
Tick ,tock ,tick, tock,
People can be saved ,
The situation is grave, 
Tick... tock 

Tick ,tock, tick, tock
Time is running out, 
Its a race against the clock, 
Tick, tock ,tick,tock 

Tick, tock, tick, tock ,
Tick ,tock
   STOP !

A Chance At Life 

I sat with tubes of red coming in and out of veins 
A ritual to endure, if in life I was to remain,
A life of weakness and lethargy,
Conversing with others almost like a zombie.
Thanking god for advances in technology 
Forget-me-not - Myosotis sylvatica
He lay only alive because of machines, 
Bloods and tissues positively  matched and screened.
One family mourns, cries and grieves,
One family smiles relieved at the reprieve. 
Thanking god for advances in technology
Forget-me-not - Myosotis sylvatica
The donor may be gone from earthly plains 
Thou he and his brave family have allowed me to remain
For both families he is in our hearts 
He has let my life happily restart
Thank god for his  ideology 
Forget-me-not - Myosotis sylvatica
Thank You !


  1. This post does create awareness for a most important program that is often taken for granted. Your mention of the donor at the end really brought this home for me.

    Thank you for sharing on Real Toads.

  2. It tugs at the heart, Kez! The awareness is not universal yet. A lot of conservatives with lots of reasons. Personal,religious and a host of others. What a loss to mankind that healthy organs are not harvested. Thank you for making us aware, Ma'am!


  3. Thanks for spreading awareness. I can only imagine the stress of such situations. It is wonderful that now some people can be given a second chance - hopefully more and more, as the years go by.

  4. My partner had a liver transplant but her kidneys were already in failure, so after the liver transplant she needed dialysis three times a week. It was a 45 min drive to get there and back three times a week. It was agony for her tosit there for up to 4 hours and agony for us to have to wait for those 4 hours then the long drive home. Yet, she was given the gift of life by someone who lost theirs. I so agree with all of this Kez. It's hard on everyone in the family.

  5. Kez, these poems are strong ones, good reminders of the importance of donating one's organs. Thank you for sharing these. I'm listed as a donor on my drivers' license.

  6. I believe in donating one's organs to save someone else ~ A meaningful write ~Thanks~

  7. Two powerfully written poems on a very important subject.

  8. Thank you for grounding me. My worries and "difficulties" are very, very small indeed. And yes, I need to start thinking of more ways to give.

  9. Good reasons for carrying a Donor Card...

  10. Using your writing to raise awareness is admirable and a good idea. A great tribute to the need. Gets me thinking in the right direction. Great job.

  11. What a great poem! I am an organ donor. It makes me happy to think what you described above could possibly happen some day because of me. :)

  12. Awesome poems Kez, such joy and tragedy side-by-side, one light dims allowing another to brighten.

  13. is important...i posted a poem for OLN on transplants denied to an autistic kid and not having the organs available plays a part in that...

  14. My heart was always fine;
    I thought!
    My heart never skipped a beat;
    I thought!
    Then one day
    My heart sent me a signal before I dropped

    Seen a doctor
    he told me my heart had stopped

    How long I wonder, before the worst
    before they carry me away in the black hearse.

    My heart, My heart
    once spry as the twinkle in my blue eyes
    Now as tired as my tired blue eyes

    Thank god, I lived
    Thank god, I loved
    Now I only hope I can thank an Angel for giving me one more chance to have a heart to once again live and love.


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