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Friday, 6 July 2012

Freedom State

Freedom State 

Is freedom just a state of mind? 
A loss of things once defined, 
Is freedom unique to each being?
Of growing up, childhood fleeing, 
Freedom is to breathe and be alive, 
Not needing machines just to survive, 
Freedom is to move and take control,
Of our environs, our personal fish bowls,
Freedom is a state of mind! 
Not caused by war, or government defined!  
Freedom to think, love and feel 
Should be the core of the freedom wheel!

Submitted to Kellie Elmore Free Write Friday where the prompt was independence and freedom 


  1. I think you touch on a core truth when you say freedom is a state of mind. Very nice write!

  2. "Freedom is a state of mind !
    Not cause by war, or government defined !
    Freedom to think, love and feel
    Should be the core of the freedom wheel"

    BRAVO!!!!!! Excellent FWF entry! You leave me feeling empowered to embrace life with this one! I needed that! Thank you so much for writing for me! Happy to have you join us! ♥

  3. Freedom - for a Catholic like me - is to be a Christian. What is according to your opinion, in this beautiful verse: "Freedom is a state of mind!" . We can be overwhelmed by the worst tyrant of the earth and yet we be free! Thankful for this beautiful poem!

  4. Freedom to think is for free, don´t need any money, you just need imagination and preferibly some education.
    Freedom to live/love the life you want to live requires courage.
    Well, I think it depends on many things. Let´s not be afraid of live our freedom, life is too short!


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