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Friday, 6 July 2012

Kiss Me Kiss Me

                                                          Kiss Me Kiss Me 

Kiss me, kiss me
Not on the nose,
I want a kiss but not one of those !

Kiss me, kiss me
Street Art By Banksy .Photo taken by Simon Booth
Once Located in Brighton UK
Show me you care,                                      
I want a kiss, one we can share !

Kiss me, kiss me
Not on my cheek!
I want a kiss, not a peck to look chic!

Kiss me, kiss me,
With sensual lust,
Those are the kisses, that are a must!

Kiss me, kiss me
Till are senses are skewed,
Love is ours, what's to lose ?

Kiss me!! kiss me !!!


  1. Pucker up...
    That's some smooch

  2. Kez deserves a big kiss. The kiss is an expression of good will, of passion. Kisses are kisses. Wet, slow, of tongue, lips. Kisses are kisses. Kiss, kiss is good! Who kisses do not have time for war!


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