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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Raining Cats and Dogs

Raining Cats And Dogs 

The limitless, rhythmic, rain 
Upon the window 
Splish, splashing, mesmerizing 
Me into daydreams
In it's hypnotic incessant, 
 Obese clouds idly wandering around 
Holding July hostage, 
Calling a halt to the glitter of sun 
Upon my dreams. 

A white cat staring out the window on a rainy day.

Wordle: Today's Weather
Please write a poem, a prose, or
 a short story using a minimum 5 or more words 
from the wordle shown above!

Submitted to Bluebell Books Short Story Slam where the Wordle above was the prompt 


  1. Challenge accepted.

    Ok, here you are my poem (please, take into account that English is not my native language but it´s one of the loves of my life!!!)
    I chose a meaning of halt that loved instantly and please, I need feedback on my grammar:


    I was there, sitting on a bench where the trains don´t run often, at a "halt",
    waiting for you and singing in the "rain".
    We were supposed to forget our "bitterish" past,
    willing to live our lives as we never did before.
    It was July and the good memories "glittered" in my head, memories that made me feel that love can be "limitless",
    I waited until the sun appeared after the rain and the hard hours passed
    Sitting at a halt.

    Crappy author @Evichipi

    1. To @evichipi Fab Writer
      I thought this was lovely ,there is nothing wrong with the grammar, you underestimate yourself.Loved it, thank you so much for sharing it with me x x

    2. Dear Kez,

      I love writing, I assume you can´t read Spanish so you can´t read my little writings. My fav genre is novel and short stories, I am not a poet but I can do poems as I have written songs before.
      I love literature, my friend!!

      Big kiss.


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