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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Let The Love Grow

Let The Love Grow 

As Man and Wife
You'll build the foundations of your love,
Each kissed placed
Should be your building bricks,  
Warm emotions will radiate, create 
Love of the unknown, 
A wealth of understanding to be nurtured
To be grown.

Your foundations will solidify through your years,  
The laughs, the smiles,
Sometimes the tears, 
Together you will merge, entwine,
Solo outside, but inside combined,
New Memories will be made 
To create your new joint history,
Your future together an intriguing mystery!

But love is organic 
It will flourish and grow, 
Love will regenerate, create even more,
The fresh roots of love will bind
In time,  
Emotions will reach fresh heights, intensify,
Mature !

You must cherish your foundations and roots ,
So your love remains fresh,
New growth will reveal new shoots 
So your two souls can combine to live ,
Spring should remain constant in your hearts, 
Always new ground to uncover, 
New gifts to be found,

Love is your gift ! 

My Daughter asked me to write something for her forthcoming marriage this is the amalgamation of several previous writings combined with my love and hopes for her and her future husband   


  1. CuteCurlyBlonde15 July 2012 at 20:02

    Beautifully said.... Congrats to the happy Couple

  2. Wow, what a beautiful way to describe love:)

  3. you must cherisht he roots and foundation to keep your love fresh...there is a great truth in will grow and is a living thing...

  4. What a lovely share for your daughter and her husband to be ~ Keep it growing and nurturing for brings forth a home and family ~

  5. You couldn't give your children a greater gift than the beauty and hope expressed in this lovely poem. Much hope and truth here!

  6. you must cherish the roots and foundation to keep your love fresh'...just gorgeous Kerry - I bet she will be delighted with this amny congrats to them both - you have painted many words of truth and guidance here Mom - a message for us all - hugs and love coming your way - Lib

  7. oh what a very cool piece for your daughters she loves is organic true..great that you bring that whole view of growing and changing in as well

  8. What a beautiful and meaningful poem to read at a wedding. Congratulations. :)

  9. beautiful - congratulations on your daughter's weddin


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