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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Another Rainy Day

Another Rainy Day 

Another dismal, sleepy, stirring
To melancholy drops cascading,
Through the depressing morning curtain call,
The beating of my heart matching the rhythmic beat
Of those relentless drops,
Hope in my heart diminished,
By negative ions bombarding the atmosphere,
Rain be banished ! 
Allow the rays through, 
A glimpse, a hope to survive, 
Let my heart feel light. 
Lift my spirits, 
Energise, let me feel a rebirth,
The seasons are out of kilter 
My being feels splintered 
Out of sorts! 
Let The sun shine !!!!!

Street Art By Banksy

Written and submitted to dVerse Poets Poetics for the prompt of weather 


  1. smiles...i understand many have been under the deluge....funny how different that is from here...where we bake dry...maybe we can work out a swap

  2. oh i hear you... no matter if real or metaphorical rain... there's this point when it just is enough..

  3. Totally totally TOTALLY FEEL THIS! For me the rain just makes me miserable....especially if it just rains and rains like it has been in the UK- hence the reason for this prompt! This poem sums up those feelings very eloquently indeed and YES! - let the sun shine! (please!)

  4. Fun take on the prompt, Kez. I was drawn to the "curtain call"--nice shift of imagery there.


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