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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Angels in Training

Angels In Training 

Angels in training, 
Shed dewdrops like its raining. 
Surveying their future job in hand, 
As Guardian angels mentor them through our lands, 
Across expanses of tortuous war zones, 
And dry desert lands scattered with bones 
In city scapes they observe fat cats, 
While hard working souls live like rats, 
War, greed, poverty and starvation, 
Effecting every country, every nation. 
Even angels can reach point break, 
When their heavenly hearts will hurt and ache 
Dewdrops will flow free like its raining 
For all the little angels still in training .


  1. love the whole idea of this poem kez and yes..wondering what they think...seeing so much more than we do..their heart must hurt sometimes

  2. Shed dew...and tears, I suspect.

  3. even angels hearts hurt...yeah i imagine they do...and with as much chaos as the whole world seems to be in right is that time...

  4. Nice lines: Dewdrops will flow free like its raining
    For all the little angels still in training .

    Thanks for sharing this soft piece.

  5. I bet many of them are really stewing these days!

  6. I do think they weep for us, for our foolishness and folly, lack of compassion and kindness.
    Nicely said Kez

  7. The concept is creative...angels in training; I think most of them weep for us ~

  8. Its lovely... I enjoyed it so much... and the idea behind the words are refreshing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  9. Love this...... Angels in training,
    Shed dewdrops like its raining.
    Surveying their future job in hand.

    Such sweet thoughts!

  10. Honestly, I like more photos (images) here than poetry.

    Sorry to say. I prefer poetry in my native (Russian) language and even for that I usually do not have time, furiously sleeping

  11. What a great poem! I love the part about angel's hearts aching too. So true.

  12. I think this is a beautiful and moving poem Kez! It shows you the perspective of how tough a job it must be, to be an angel. When you have so much love and goodness within your heart and soul, but have to endure the horrible truth, of all the misery, hurt, pain and hungry that is within the world today, which is happening all the time, while the fat cats of the land enjoy a fruitful Life, and have money to burn. Once again, great use of words, and lovely flow, and I love the original angle of the angel being in training! Much Love Paul OXOXOXOXOXO

  13. You use the words as the artist uses a palette and brushes! The angels are in training. What a wonderful truth!

  14. Yeah, I agree with a previous comment that it's a nice concept...and being an angel has to be a tough job...I'm not sure I'd last the first day...



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