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Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Juniper Jinx

The Juniper Jinx 

Toulouse Lautrec 1896

War paint Applied 
GIN on the side, 
Ready to dance 
Praying for romance 
Catch the man, 
Another wee dram! 

Cherry taken, 
A love mistaken 
Have a gin, 
Repeat the sin! 
Marry in a flurry, 

DRINK some more. 
Hurry, Hurry !

 Kids scream,
Lost dreams!
Numb the pain, 
Drink again,  
Bills piled, 

Alone again, 
Except the pain, 
Gin on the side, 
Love denied! 
Have a DRINK, 
Your in the brink! 

Gin soaked, 
Life's a joke! 
Have a glass, 
 Shakes will pass, 
Darkness prevades, 
Comfort for your ALCOHOLIC  slaves, 



  1. Yikes! I can smell the GIN and nearby...that shadow that looms. It was good enough to make me sick :-)
    Very nice write.

  2. Wow! You told the whole sordid tale in one short poem. Very nicely done!

  3. I enjoyed this very much. It is telling quite a story. Well done.

  4. your words bring out the entire array of moods.

  5. Well done ... I like the rhythm ... Great image to pair with it!

  6. captured the progression of alcoholism quite strenuously!

  7. A very creative write. I like the rhythm :)

  8. This was fun to read, the last line catching me off guard. Good job

  9. Im not sure if this was meant to be funny, but I laughed the whole way through! Very creative/funny/sad way an alcoholic looks at life. I have a much healthier perspective...for my liver at least! Great read!

  10. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or frown but,it's actually rather dark! Mothers ruin-dead drunk for tuppence!


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