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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sepia Memories

Submitted to :dVerse Poets Poetics For today’s prompt, let’s grab our paints and mix up a poetic palette using color. Hosted by Victoria  

Sepia Memories 

Sepia memories are all that's left, 
Since you departed and left us bereft,
Times that were once bright and alive,  
Being drowned out struggling to survive, 
Red's and blues somehow refuse, 
To prick my brain even infuse! 
The things that I see all about, 
Seem muted, dull, nothing shouts out! 
What replays back in my minds eye,
Are memories drained of colour and dye, 
Within my soul tho is my scarlet, scorching love,
As I dream of you in a soft auroral light above,
Sepia memories I will accept and keep, 
Until we're both reunited in heavenly sleep. 

Photo by Bird In Hand


  1. Sepia memories "Are memories drained of colour and dye " ...sad but hopefully "reunited in heavenly sleep"...lovely share ~

  2. i love to look through these old photos, bleached and sepia and with dog's ears and try to imagine how their life was...and with this comes the color...smiles..have a lovely sunday kez

  3. smiles. what a beautiful day that reunion will be...i love to look at old photos at the people, at life back then...they carry many memories...

  4. Gorgeous photos and nice color play in your poem.

  5. Must be in the air...many poets are nostalgic and thoughtful this week. Enjoyed your poem!

  6. Kez, I hear you so strongly. I have someone that I see with sepia memories too. Except I do not just think of heavenly sleep but heavenly afterlife and laughing and talking once more. Thank you for sharing this poem.

  7. Such a beautiful poem! I love sepia, but it definitely speaks of the past. :)

  8. what a hopeful piece by reflecting the past.
    it makes us feel close to Thanksgiving.

  9. This is so evocative. I grew up in a world of sepia photography and I still think it's so exquisite.

  10. Frequently, I do not have time to remember about eternal values in daily routine

    Thanks for reminding on twitter to return here

  11. I love the idea of sepia memories, to match the old photos. And the collage of old photos is spectacular. What a treasure trove of stories THAT would be! One could write forever!

  12. Wonderful read, I enjoyed your take on the prompt and the ending was superb~

  13. Nice reading for the second time ~

  14. Such a perfect poem to accompany the photo of all those "sepia memories"!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada

  15. I like the title and concept of Sepia Memories. There is sadness and hope in this.

  16. "Are memories drained of colour and dye" ... What a sad thought. You captured well the loss and pain in an early death and the hope of a heavenly reunion.

  17. sepia memories you can hold, but digital memories, don't' have the same burning in your hand

    4 child with book senryu


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