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Monday, 14 November 2011

Childhood Stories

Childhood Stories 

In idyllic innocence 
When the sun was constant with it brilliance 
 Time seemed to stand still 
Imagination running riot and with time to kill, 
The dusty books that smelt of age, 
Became my friends and how I'd engage, 
My dreams and notions, 
Were fuelled by mystery, fantasy and magic potions,
Characters and creatures leapt from every leaf, 
Performing feats beyond belief,
Witches,fairies,treasure islands and gangs of chums,  
Staved of boredom and twiddling thumbs, 
Now ensconced in middle age 
How I wish I could turn back the page, 
When life was idyllic in it's innocence, 
 The sun always shone brightly in it's brilliance ! 

 Submitted to : Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic  whose theme is Childhood, Dreams, Books, and Role Models


  1. Awww... it must be so wonderful to have happy memories of your childhood. This is lovely. The picture is fabulous too.

  2. Great picture, and all too true words.

  3. Nice nostaglic write. Don't we all wish for those innocent and idyllic days?

  4. nice...thank you for sharing it with dverse...books have been a fascination of mine since an early of the greatest gifts given to me is learning to read...i have loved them many worlds opened to me...

  5. Great write, really tend to agree, how idyllic a turning back to such a point in one's life would be. Thanks

  6. Re-read them . . . renew your youth.


  7. The great friend of the young, the old, all...a book. Nice poignant piece!

  8. Dear Kez

    It's beautiful and I loved it. the image is so perfect and I love reading so it made it more interesting...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  9. When I was 6, I could see forever. Now that I too am ensconced in middle age, tomorrow is looking pretty good..

  10. I love the music and movement in these lines. The rhyme excentuates the sense of nostalgia.

    "My dreams and notions,
    Were fuelled by mystery, fantasy and magic potions,
    Characters and creatures leapt from every leaf,"

    Wonderfully captured!

  11. delightful take on books.
    Books are our soul food. they open doors and shed light on us.


    join us today, have fun!

  12. I wish for the same as well. I do remember when I was young it was so easy to get transported into another world through books. To have the time to simply sit in some cosy corner and read the afternoon away. :) Thanks for the memories and mood recall from your poem! :)

  13. The joy of discovery, the delight in words opening up worlds..that innocence and zest for new worlds still rages in me and you too, I think. Well said.

  14. what a great image to go with a very nice poem!

    the captured sense of wonderment as a child in your words seem perfectly true ;-)

    your middle-age lines leave me wondering, wanting maybe, some old(er) followup musings

    tapping into those memories so vividly and expressively, have you really lost all that youthful joy of creativity? doesn't sound (or look) like it to me ;-)

    thanks so much, great pic/word photo-poem combo!

  15. Although I love all your poems...This has got to top them all :) In my head anyway :) !!


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