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Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Random Tale

A Random Tale 

Abandoned at random, 
A haven for some! 
Drunks stumble, staggered, pauses! 
 Feet aching collectors taking 5 away from their cause, 
 Harassed, stressed. mothers with their charges, 
Teenagers giving it large,
The mean traffic warden sneaking a rest, 
 An old woman bouncing on the cushions giving it a test !
Unaware of the incidental bloodstains ,soaked through to it's bones, 
Hidden deep within this ruby, red, random throne, 
Abandoned  to hide the damming evidence, 
Now heavily contaminated by weary pedestrians, 
 Hidden out in the open wide,
So the random murder will fester, go untried ! 

photo: Christine Donnier-Valentin

Submitted to : Magpie Tales  where the picture was the prompt 


  1. "Hidden in the open wide"... Hmmm. good way to hide the incriminating evidence of a murder...

  2. I would NEVER sit on that couch. I remember a few college friends who had ones just like this on their porches.

    ... but this one hides a crime? nice take!

  3. hidden in the open wide,

    what a cool line,
    deep take, well done.

  4. Great twist to the story! Especially because the murder had been random, while members of the community of passersby don't feel faceless, you describe them so actively described. I liked the "taking 5" and "giving it large" talk.

  5. What a novel hides an unsolved crime! Well done.

  6. You've found a fertile way into this one, and no mistake! Well done.

  7. hidden in plain sight might be the best place for such evidence ...until it starts to make it in the winter...smiles.

  8. Love that you turned it into a mystery.


  9. Excellent write! I enjoyed this one!

  10. you sure got the fate of this sofa right

  11. Makes a great bed for homeless people. ;-)


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