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Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Creative Mind

Jean-Michel Basquiat, untitled painting/drawing

The Creative Mind 

Does it take a mangled mind 
To create something new, sublime? 
Is it the cause of something organic 
That makes someone wild or maniac?
Which allows one to 
Shape, Create, Make 
Does the wildness seed 
Spread insidiously like disease? 
 Destroying the brain, 
Making, Creating, Shaping 
Creatures that become insane 
Is it just a passing  fashion ?
That creatives with passion, 
 Dedicate their being 
To what mentally they are seeing, 
Are labelled, dismissed, 
Which exacerbates the red mist, 
Which propagates the wild seed
Allows it more anger to breed, 
To Create, Make, Shape

Submitted dVersepoets Poetics  on the theme of Wild 


  1. i think that creative seed is in us from birth...i will say the most creative tend to dance that line of madness at times...many slip over the edge as you see many artists passing by their own hand or dares...but yes we all walk that razor...

  2. i like this concept -> Making, Creating, Shaping
    Creatures that become insane

    as if to say there is no way we could create a creature who is going to be insane, it just happens that way

  3. I like your question...I do think we have it in us but sometimes we don't bring it out due to circumstances, real or imagined. But it is a gift rather than a disease ~

  4. I definitely feel the wildness in this. The "ing" words at the start add a lot to the energy and forward motion. Love the great rhymes!

  5. The line between sanity and insanity is very thin and it only needs a slight push at times to send us over. But then, I have read somewhere that most of the world is insane, we just don't know it.
    Great write, thought provoking.

  6. It seems to me that discipline and the wild go hand in hand; the creative person can't have one without the other. Art is always, fundamentally, walking a line, striking a balance.

  7. I agree that creativity gives us a way to unleash our wild side.

  8. good thoughts in this..i always think that extremely talented people, no matter if its mathematicians, physicians or artists, writers - take kafka as an example - walking this thin line - some have clearly crossed it..and the stronger the talent, the bigger gets the vulnerability i think..

  9. Sometimes creativity is a great wave. You can ride it or be swamped by it, but mostly we chicken out and wait for a smaller one.

  10. ...nice capture of the pic... nice flow too

  11. I love that you married this poem with the picture and the intro - they all work so well together. There does seem to be a relationship between creativity and insanity doesn't there? For me, if I wasn't being creative, THAT would drive me to insanity. Maybe it's the supression of creativity, or the inability to recognise it or express it, that ultimately sends people over the edge.

  12. I'd love to be crazy.
    Might be I still have a chance to become

    Honestly, I adore this painting
    I stole it to use as one of my avatars

  13. I don't think we have to be crazy to be creative; maybe a bit obsessive at times and dedicated, but it doesn't have to destroy.

  14. How Far Can humans go with Their creativity? It is a gift but only the crazies can share with the world the finest things.


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