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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Monkey Business

Monkey Business 

Those in charge   
Of the public at large 
In their tailored suits, 
From old Etonian roots, 
Armed with supposed scruples, 
Yet grand masters of dodgy loopholes!
Sit en mass 
Acting totally crass,
In a building oozing history,
Where they decide on our society, 
 To them different to upper class a mystery,   
So they make the rules,
 For us the fools!
Who believe their talk
Alas just like chalk, 
It becomes erased, 
 Resulting in dire days! 
No, not for them! 
We can't call them men,
They don't live our plight, 
Cos they're al right, 
In their pied a terres,
They dine and live sans care,  
Weekends spent in country mansions, 
On enhanced pay and  massive pensions,
So shouldn't we replace 
These evolved men with a different race, 
Go back to base! 
Forgo for a while the rat race, 
Take their blinkers off !
Ignore they're toffs, 
Strip them bare, 
Put them out there, 
With us, The masses, 
Smash their rose tinted glasses, 
Restore empathy to our country
While we re-educate our political Monkeys


  1. heck this rip...i wish we could re-educate those monkeys at times they seem to care little for the populus that voted them in...

  2. The poem says it all, in silly but sobering fashion, but then, so does Banksky's portrait - and succinctly, at that. Politics is truly a monkeys' game...often enough we can but shake our heads at the madness afoot there. Yet there lie the dollars and the mansions...silly, no?

  3. lol! yes yes Yes!! Love it. We are tired of the poliTrIcKS!!

  4. Hahaha love it ~ such humour in a serious message that is very, very poignant right now! Poetryman

  5. Very good piece, couldn't have said it better myself.
    Maybe the chimps would make a better job of it!

  6. Political monkeys in a circus the political commentary ~

  7. You go Poet! I know we could do it better...but how long, do you think, before they would strip our very souls? I played with the political for a wee was enough of a taste to know there is no place for me there! Our systems have been corrupted to the absolute core, for the gain of the select few...throughout the entire (supposedly) civilized I'm starting to rant! Whoops! Your rocked it out with this one!

  8. couplets combining, coalescing, creating (a) class conflict chanty. (almost got it.)

    nice form, nice build up to the sentiments commonly expressed by the many in the current OWS movements.

    a call or a prayer?

    good rhyming and reading, from top to bottom, with a 'smashing' ending.

  9. Giggled all my way through this. Loves this rhyme: "With us, The masses,
    Smash their rose tinted glasses"

  10. Bravo! I second the motion! lol, a delightful read.

  11. While we re-educate our political Monkeys!! Love it!

  12. Hello,
    How is your day?

    Glad to land here,
    Amazing poetic muses shared,

    Welcome joining us for poets rally week 57,
    A random poem or a free verse is okay.
    Hope to see you in.

    Happy Thursday.

  13. cane back to your last to see if i had missed something as r u?

  14. thanks for popping in today...hope your travels have gone well...looking forward to reading your words again...

  15. Excellent!
    Happy Holidays….
    I know you write stunning Haiku, welcome sharing with us,
    1 to 3 or more are welcome.
    no theme.
    Hope to see you in,

    what a fun read. powerful voice shared.


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