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Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Social Emergency

 A Social Emergency 

Love and peace within out city, 
Seems to be a real scarcity, 
Its become a social emergency 
Balance needs to be restored, 
Its a matter of the up most urgency 
Societies systems are constantly abused 
Kids left to fend alone, no longer amused 
Love thy neighbour, now just a phrase from the past! 
Innocence of childhood cut too short, not long to last,
 Greed and avarice run amok, run rife!
In this our civilized 21st century life. 

We need to inject some love intervention
If peace and harmony is society intention!



  1. Very true words, and it is sad to see the way societies seem to be acting, have seemed to be this way for a while now, without change in sight. Without the intervention it seems bleak, yet with more people like yourself speaking up about what most should also be doing, myself included, it's a step in the right direction. After all acknowledging shortcomings is a major step forward in overcoming dependency, and the way society seems to be, seems to be directly on par with the damage dependency causes, just on a much larger scale. Great write, thanks

  2. yes! you are so so right in this poem of yours! more and more often we can see those things around us...

  3. Very true.Love and Peace are not to be found.

  4. I was raised in rural Maine and now live in a booming New Hampshire metropolis. It's interesting, to me, to reflect on how each culture handled emergency situations. Back in the mid 1990s a major ice storm hit New England, and the rural Mainers came together in support and community. A similar dilemma hit New Hampshire recently, and the reaction was mixed. I contrast that to post Katrina New Orleans, and my desired retirement to 90 acres and a converted school bus looks better and better.

  5. We need to take care of eachother now governments seem to have other priorities...


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