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Friday, 25 November 2011

A Time To Love

A Time to Love 

Time it once had a meaning, 
The years had seasons, 
Day and night reigned and waned, 
Love was pure and unstained, 
Before the grains of truth and trust, 
Began to seep out, Began to rush, 
Seeping and lies creeping, 
Insidiously drowning love. 
  Our times have had  meaning 
Our love had its season 
The grains of our love 
Ceased flowing became corrupt 
It stopped!
Times up!
Loves finished! 

Submitted for : Bluebell Books where the timer was used as the prompt 


  1. Sad words that are too often true. Nice write, Kez!

  2. I like the abrupt ending, very effective.

  3. sad, time to move on and love without hesitations.


  4. Enjoyable. Very interesting!

  5. ...lies creeping / Insidiously drowning love--what a great line. Beautiful, heartwrenching poem. Thank you for sharing!

  6. lies can undermine love so fast...thanks for popping in today!

  7. Love how you captured that feeling of finality that can overwhelm us as times, both in the words and the layout :o)

  8. nice to swing back through on is full of endings, some for the better...perhaps based on the nature this is one of them...

  9. Love the honesty and the realism of this... well done! :-)

  10. Kez, I really like this one a lot!! Missed it the first time around. Blessings, Terri

  11. Thanks for sharing! Great job :)

  12. Great one! It does end like that. :-/

  13. I think that love is eternal. Love dies in lies, in selfishness. The poem is sad and true.


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