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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors 
Jef Aérosol à Paris 

Shush quiet Can you hear ?
Your closest neighbours 
Screaming in fear
Vibrating through the earthly still
A blood curling, piercing, spine chilling,shrill,
Behind close doors where few may peek
May live a hideous inhuman freak,
Only here in human form
Waiting patiently for a new moon to dawn,
Then its fangs will appear organically
His thirst for blood will grip him manically
So your neighbour who you greet
Say hello too each time you meet,
May not be all he seems,
So shush quiet
Can you hear
Your neighbour


Thank you to The Poetry Palace for this Award 
I would Like to Nominate 


  1. I'm so glad he's not my neighbour :)
    Nice prose.

  2. sharp, powerful words.

    well deserved award,

  3. I'm putting in my earplugs so I won't hear anything. Good poem.

  4. Powerfully written. Great stuff.

    Here is my entry:

  5. reality exposed shockingly-great write

  6. wow amazing and yet so true. I am now in America for a small stay and I see this around here all the time. On the TV here they say that you have no idea who your neighbor is and what he does behind closed doors. On the islands I do not worry for this one and we all know who are neighbors are and it is so peaceful and calm there I do not worry about this at home. Cheers

  7. Halloween inspired?

    Definitely scary.

  8. creepy,

    you could share this with tomorrow''s poetry picnic.

    keep inspiring, thanks for the solid support along the way.


  9. Scary! Brilliantly written too

  10. Honestly terrifying, but fantastic!

  11. Quite a neighbour. Great job. You'll find mine here.

  12. So true! From now on I will never ever look behind close doors again ;-). Great poem! I found it on Rachel's Smiley Sociology Study #10 and here is what I wrote for it:

  13. Great poem! Sorry it took me a while to get here. :) Thanks for participating in the study! :)


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