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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Natures Dance

Natures Dance 
Sky Reading by A Chance of Sunshine

MY oh My don't get upset, don't cry, 
Put your bad thoughts in the breeze,
Let them go, let them fly, 
Dance daintily with the leaves,
For when your feeling blue,
Nature will always be there for you

My oh My don't spill your tears, don't cry,
Put all your hurt in the wind,
Sing out loud, don't sigh,
Let the hurt go, let it fly,
For when he's been unkind
Nature is there for you!

My oh my, share your true love,
 Put your heart in his soul,
Dance and soar like a dove,
Let your feelings go, let two become whole,
  For when you've found the one,
Natures tricks have been done !

Thank you to :A Chance of Sunshine  for the lovely picture prompt 


  1. A very delightful poem to read. Nicely done.

  2. smiles.

    put your bad thoughts in breeze and let them fly,
    how cool it it.

    you never disappoint, thanks for sharing.

  3. I like this one! Very well done!

  4. Perfect for reading out loud! A charming poem.

  5. This was a fun read -- thank you for sharing!

  6. i really like put your bad thoughts in the breeze.

  7. Beautiful and full of life springs.

  8. We all need to let our bad thoughts fly away on the breeze. Thanks for sharing your lovely poem!

  9. incredible take.

    keep flying with positive energy.

  10. i like putting cares in the wind and choosing to ing instead of sigh...very nice...

  11. I really like this one :-) Great job!!!


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