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Friday, 7 October 2011

A Scream In The Night

                   Scream In The Night 

scared catAs I lay with the light shining eerily off the moon,
I slept soundly, morning always came way too soon !
When suddenly, a wild piercing blood curdling scream
Startled me to a jolt from my world of dreams,
I sat bolt upright,chilled to the bone,
Something not human. possessed my home, 
Banging and thumping I could hear from afar, 
The moon light skipped in through my door ajar,
Gingerly, half asleep, I stumbled out of my bed, 
To face the confusion that was causing me dread ! 
The screaming bounced around, resonating off every wall,
I tiptoed as quiet as I could, heart beating into the hall,
The banging and screaming multiplied and amplified,
My beating heart and thumping fear became louder, fortified,
scared catThe source of the hullabaloo became clearer and clearer,
I edged up closer and closer getting nearer and nearer 
To the terrific noise, the source which was now hardcore !
As I felt along the wall with fingertips to the mouth of the door,
Entering I came face to face with a pink coloured tangle,
Goo Oozing out of a face that seemed mangled,

A monster possessed just wanting to fight, 
I'd completely forgot that tonight was that night
I promised, I'd take to it like a duck to water, 
A night I could look after my god-daughter 
A cuddle and coo to this little angel ensued
For if her mummy and daddy knew this story,
I would be totally screwed !!!!

 Submitted to the: The Purple Treehouse


  1. Thank you for the laugh my friend.

  2. Funny write!

  3. This is so good I laughed so hard thanks for sharing

  4. a story well told,
    beautiful humor indeed.

  5. Great fun and suspense till the very end. Thanks!

  6. That was amazing, the cadence and flow of the whole piece was just fun to read! And the rhyming, well, I'm no good at poetry in general so I'm impressed you do rhyming so well.
    Great twist too, having the crying baby instead of a more seasonal monster. This is a really fun site!

  7. Nice write. Love the metaphorical weave, fun read, thanks

  8. hahaha loved write...creative...oh i am glad we are out of those days...the real scare is in the

  9. Nope, I really don't think they would have cared! they got a night off! What more could they ask for? They didn't hear the howls & that is a pretty sweet sound -silence. :)

    Fun post Kez. Hope you survive the nightmare to cuddle again!

  10. AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for sharing the fun over at BlissHabits!


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