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Sunday, 30 October 2011


This poem was inspired by this brilliant Pavement art for the theme of  Halloween, submitted to Gooseberry Gardens Poetry Picnic

Cracks !!!

Halloween approaches as autumn encroaches 
The structures of all worlds fractured and torn 
No-one or nothing prepare for what is to be born, 
In the heavens above are gods who are misunderstood 
Us 'twixt between, angry at governments, not good! 
Then there is those way down below, 
Where no mortal man wants or dreams to go.
Awaiting this date to avenge their fate. 
Small cracks which have appeared 
Things needing mending but mere mortals sneer, 
Allowing their societies to riot, spread notoriety, 
The undead seize their chances to walk amongst men 
Hoping their gods may this time pardon them,
They are the undead condemned to fiery hell, 
A peaceful existence would not bode well 
The murders, rapists and all of life's scum 
Become the undead or zombies if they don't succumb
To an ordered pleasant reality 
A human race, loving and respecting community. 
But those cracks that have appeared in our earthly existence, 
Negate our guarantee of evil resistance! 
So if pavement cracks suddenly appear 
Scream loudly scream out in fear 
In hope that your fellow man 
Will help you fight evil if he can 
But the horror of this world 
Is that people's ability for empathy is unfurled 
Evil is not the zombies or the undead 
Fear only those that breathe instead !


  1. That is some fabulous artwork. These pavement artists are so very talented.
    Your prose is scary enough for Halloween, even more so if it was ever came to come true. ;)
    Although we are certainly headed down that path if we don't soon get back to expressing more love, kindness and compassion toward one another.
    I entirely agree with the (serious) side of this.

  2. Sounds like you do know what really needs to be feared.

  3. Fantastic write and wonderous art you chose to use

  4. I love the art. The guy's who do this are awesomely talented. Your poem is excellent, as well. I like it!

  5. This is so well done and so true!

  6. not only the zombies but the living dead... nice one... happy halloween ~

  7. This is truly haunting,

    love the richness in your thoughts, the image is fitting perfectly.

  8. I like that. And what a great ending!

  9. Edgy and haunting. Excellent write. You'll find mine here.

  10. I love the political undertone, the hosility toward society as is. Great poetry! Thank you for sharing.

  11. OMG brilliant Kez and what an image!!

  12. Amazing image. Poem very disturbing, as it ought to be, given the subject matter.

  13. great ending fear only those that breath instead this is wonderful Happy Halloween

  14. Love this poem (and the artwork rox, too). Chilling... Thanks for sharing!

  15. LOVE the artwork and poem! Happy Halloween!!

  16. While some go headless and heedless, you play the prophet well. Hope the sun comes up tomorrow for the living and pray peace for the dead. All Hallows Eve to thee!

  17. True and a great ending. Love that art work too.

  18. incredible, wow.

    the imagery is touching and astonishing.

    check out poets rally today, any poem is welcome.



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