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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Just Another Day

Just Another Day 

Mauve, muted ,mountains in early morning heat, 
Constructed by men and robots with steel and concrete,
Some eerie echoing within,
Containing the tools for the working day to begin, 
Others a hive of activity,
 A cacophony of society. 

Mauve, muted ,mountains slowly turn to grey, 
As the heat intensifies on another summers day, 
Buzzing workers replace the eerie echo
Babies and families make their own social ghetto,
Creating this hive of society, 
 A cacophony of activity!  

Submitted to IN TANDEM  where art become the prompt for more creativity                                                                                        


  1. I like you empty/full versions of the concrete mountains ♥ Thank you for helping to pedal the Tandem again.

  2. Oops! Try 'your' - my typing isn't on a par with my thinking. LOL.

  3. Great post Kez! Love the pic too :o)

  4. Lovely poem for a lovely image! The last line is great!! Loved your poem.


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