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Monday, 10 October 2011


We've been on each others team 
God how long has it been?
Years and decades 
Through bad times 
And wicked escapades
Literally through youth 
The births, our baby's first tooth,
I've seen the men you've dated 
The ones that you always overrated. 
 I'd love for you to find your match, 
But none of them ever seem up to scratch,
You know I'm always here, 
If you ever ever need an ear! 
We may not always agree 
But friendship is a potpourri 
Feelings are shared, intense
Lives become entwined, condensed 
Forever gelling cementing 

Submitted to  Goosberry Garden Poetry Picnic on the theme of friendship and relationships 


  1. Yes, that's what friends do, isn't it? Be there to pick each other up when we fall.

  2. sweet,

    validly demonstrated.


  3. Great poem! That is definitely a great description of a true friendship. :)


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