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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dreamy Dragons ( Childs Lit )

Dreamy Dragons 
Natasha Head 

                                       The last two baby dragons 
That roamed the earth, 
Only blew fire of lava for mirth, 
Without big grown up dragons there to help 
They feasted upon only fruits, candy and kelp, 
Every day they frolicked around and jousted, 
Their wickedness diluted, slowly ousted, 
 The red,hot raging, fire that they breathed, 
Diminished daily as they teethed
Their skin that was very, very, dry and glum 
Turned bright, beautiful, rainbow colours that were fun 
So the fire breathing beasties of the past, 
Those bad ones were never ever going to last. 
Now all the dragons in our minds, 
Are now beautiful,colourful and kind!  
Breathing only stardust and moon beams
Popping up only in our fairy tales and favourite dreams! 

 Submitted to : In Tandem  where art inspires !..this weeks picture created by Natasha Head 


  1. LOVE THIS! Kerry, a fantastic story told! Yay!

  2. I have a feeling some dragons can still snort flames at us occasionally! :) Thanks for riding the tandem again. ♥

  3. "stardust and moonbeams" you have a wonderful imagination :)

  4. Fantastic tale! I wished for more stories of nice dragons after seeing How to Tame a Dragon. :)

  5. A lovely story! Dragons aren't all bad, then?

  6. Stardust and moonbeams. I'd keep one of those in my back yard! :) Very, very sweet.

  7. dragon tales,
    very fitting tale for kids.


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