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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It's All Relative

It's All Relative 
Street art by Vango Situated In Kilarney Ireland

If Einstein had lived today ,
Could if affect how we live, work and play? 

Would Albert  Einstein felt empowered ,
Or would he have spent hours and hours
Just  surfing and Googling on the internet !
Would he have wasted his capabilities ?
So never discovering the theory of relativity.
Instead maybe he'd have a blog,
Tweeting for hours with caffeine to slog ! 

What would have happened to poor old Einstein
If Cern had existed in his time ?
Those clever bespectacled boffins
Really would have caused him chagrin,
 Finding particles seemingly faster than the speed of light,
Which those boffins keep testing, to check its right
The little blighters that they found
Has stunned the world confused and confounded
 The pesky particles they call neutrinos,
Would surely have driven poor Einstein to vino !

If Albert had been alive today
Not made his scientific in roads, in his way,
Would cyberspace still have been a possibility,
Or is it all just a question of relativity ?

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  1. If he is alive today, I don't think he would discover his theory. The lines about writing a blog and tweeting about it, made me laugh.

    Though I believe that cyberspace would still exists... one way or the other.

  2. I think Einstein would've loved working with the equipment he'd have to play with nowadays. If they can dream it, it can become reality. He'd have had a ball with discovering something faster than the speed of light. I've recently read folks say Einstein got it all wrong but, he didn't get it all wrong at all, he was right, given all the knowledge he had at hand in his day.
    A nice, thought provoking piece. We've come along way in understanding of the cosmos but, maybe if they keep exploding these atoms in the particle colliders the way they are right now, who's to say we won't re-invent the universe with another big-bang theory that went wrong?
    Hmm.... deep thinking.
    Nice post :)

  3. Kez, this is a great write, I love the ideas in here and the questions are just really fun, but practical, in the sense of a genuine exploratory line of thinking. Great job, thanks

  4. Ha! Some of the more interesting street art to be found. Certainly a notch above the usual scribbles!

    God...and to think if Einstein had to deal with the maddening courses of the modern world...well bloody hell. While I'm sure he'd love working with some of the neat equipment we've got today, I think we'd all lose out - because so much that we know, probably never would've been made, and so many discoveries would remain undiscovered.

  5. i dunno...kinda hard to wrap themind around what the greats could have done with what we have today and makes me think too of what we do with the tools we have as well...

  6. Fantastic subject! I do wonder...I know if you check in with my boss, he'll tell you its certainly affected my productivity...not sure if you can compare house sale to genius...but the I've a feeling the results would have to be similar..another awesome share!

  7. A fun poem that leaves me wondering too.

  8. One of my favorite "poets" is the late Warren Zevon. In his song "Genius," he wrote:
    Albert Einstein was a ladies man
    While he was working on his universal pan
    He was making out like Charlie Sheen
    He was a genius

    I think Dr. Einstein would have made out just fine today. He'd rule the cyber-world and still be brilliant. Like this poem, genius.

  9. this is an amazing poem and really leaves you something to think about. I wonder too about cyber space but I think it would be here no mater what

  10. Quite the poser, and I think the ending says it all. I really enjoyed this.

  11. Love the street art, the creativity of your words lead such an interesting notion. Wonderful write my friend ~ Rose

  12. Einstein does live today. He lives on today. His work and ideas are always being challenged and updated. He and many others (together and separately) worked on or with the ideas that came to form Relativity, so it would have progressed in some form with or without him. Maybe his contributions just made things happen faster? One man isolated, does not a theory make. Many hypotheses, yes. Einstein worked, lived, interacted, and corresponded with many people - all of whom influenced and guided him. So, I'm pretty sure cyberspace and the Internet would have come about with or without him.

  13. Einstein still with us. I am not speaking metaphorically. I believe he is among us! Anyone who has read the brilliant scientist knows what I mean.


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