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Saturday, 15 October 2011


This weekend, I would like for you to choose a taboo topic and pen out your thoughts. Be as open and honest as you possibly can. If what you are writing begins to make you uncomfortable…good. The point of this exercise is to free your mind, expand your voice and challenge yourself to explore new ideas within description. This is an opportunity to learn how to overcome the uncomfortable and teach yourself how to use your words to define those things in a new way so that next time you are faced with one of those “taboo” prompts, you can go forth and be…


I'm fed up with fashion magazines 
Who fill their pages with trendy diets, 
Purely designed for fat queens 
I know I should whisper this, be quiet, 
But I'm gonna shout it loud! 
Say it proud, 
I'm on a cream cake regime 
Yeah fatties ... go on scream ! 
I'm Not skinny ,just lean, 
Not bitter but wanna be mean 
I've had enough, 
Of scouring shops for clothes, 
That cling in the right places 
So fat people think it's fine 
To carry on stuffing their faces. 
I'm a middle age woman who needs some grace,
I don't want to wear kids t-shirts,
With the latest pop stars face, 
Manufacturer keep making  things
Bigger and bigger!
Fatties continue to binge and binge 
How is that suppose to help the obese figure? 
Those money making supermarket, 
Should make their doors real tight, 
That would surely help the fatties fight their fight, 
Clothes should be fashioned with less fabric,
Perhaps something in the fatties brain would then click 
My life shouldn't be made harder 
Because some people can't stay out of their larder 
I'm On a cream cake regime  
So go on fatties  SCREAM ! 

 Submitted to : dVerse Poetics  for the above prompt


  1. def went to the edge on this one...unique one for the day though...and i like it....clothes have become really weird...and i def dont get caught up in the diet thing...

  2. an interesting and thought provoking post.. food and perception of our figure, rightly or wrong, affects us. to eat healthy, while trying not to be a slave to latest diet regimen is also a tricky issue. for me, eating healthy is the best way.

  3. You were very brave here. It's a difficult problem for both sides.

  4. I'm not real happy about how the media romanticizes thin, perfect women as the perfect catch. It's a tough world we live in.

  5. *grin*
    from me, the world's smallest violin plays...

  6. I don't get caught up in the diet scene, as a result...I'm a fatty! Even if I wasn't, the clothes they're making today still wouldn't do! lol Give me my Metallica t-shirts and blue jeans from 1990 and I'm happy...especially when eating cheesecake! ;)(And a huge and extra special thank you to you, for the award and keeping me alive in the twitterverse these past few days. IOU big time! Stay tuned...I'm working on my thank you gift!)

  7. In yer face Fat! is it taboo though? seems to be the norm in America.
    Is this an angry thin person fighting to get out?
    I like the line best where supermarkets should make their doors thinner. LOL so funny.
    Food, Sex, avoidance of pain, and the conservation of energy (the easiest way), are the major motivational factors that Move people into their behaviours and actions. (wish I could claim authorship, but can't). this piece I can identify with...having gone over the edge myself, to the point where I HAVE to change for kick 'my' bucket. so your piece makes us look at ourselves and think. thus: success. thanks for sharing.

  8. interesting - maybe you could - yah, I don't know but I felt a lot of emotion and a very strong voice in this one. great response to the prompt :)

  9. haha - cream cake regime - this is so touch a sensitive subject with a gleaming pen...i like

  10. While the media glamorizes "skinny", the mainstream markets promotes "unhealthy eating".. very confusing..
    like the light-hearted way you presented this..

  11. I want a piece too. Whoa! Great subject.
    Easy read here and nice little pic.

  12. fun topic... nice write... hey, what about all the fiction novels where the main characters are all in their 20's... let's get real... real people out here

  13. Excellent response to the prompt.

    Anna :o]


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