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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Natures Revenge

Natures Revenge  

Man asked nature 
"What have you done to me 
Mortified my body and turned me into a tree" 
Mother nature answered in her defense, 
Clogging my planet with acidic, Carboniferous, filthy, spew, 
As the planet's mother, what else could I do?
now you can feel the effects of your carelessness 
See all the suffering your greed has caused, all the duress!" 
But man asked Mother Nature "what shall I consume?" 
Mother Nature replied 
with a sigh 
"You my dear will soon become a broom!"  

Submitted to :dVerse Poets Poetics  call and response theme hosted by Claudia 


  1. the broom thing totally ties in with the poem before your post "season of" coincidence?

    i like this. we need more environment and pro-animal poetry out there, to get the message out.

  2. Ha!! shoes on the other foot now ~ Man broom ~
    Brilliant Kerry ~
    Just desserts ~
    ~ Lib ~

  3. you think we would learn our lesson that way...hmm...might not be a bad idea...smiles.

  4. Ha ha ha! Too funny. :)

  5. This brought a smile - most enjoyable poem to read - love the ending!

  6. We have abused the trust of Mother nature. How else can we make amends. We suffer first as a broom? Great write!


  7. haha - almost spit my coffee about that last line with the broom...when will we ever learn...?

  8. Excellent write! Nice cycle of things if we become a broom and are used to clean up our own mess!

    Anna :o]

  9. neat piece here.
    I like the conversation between Man and Mother Nature.
    some philosophical wit imbued.
    good job.

  10. Smiling once again, Kerry! Your words are the sugar that helps the medicine go down. love the write AND the photo!

  11. Haha. Love the sardonic twist at the end. Well done!


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